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If you are spending hours on the Internet looking for jobs, filling out applications, posting resumes, and hoping for an interview, you meet Einstein’s definition of insanity. You are also ignoring more than half of the job market!

If you’re normal, you’re doing this because you don’t know what else to do. Maybe you have always been recruited, and never had to look for a job. Maybe you think the only alternative is to “network,” which isn’t working very well for you. Funny how people stop returning your calls when you ask them to put their reputations on the line for you!

You will not find what you’re looking for this way.

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How We Help

Search Preparation

At Career Management of Virginia, we prepare you for the search. We guide you through goal identification and validation and the documentation of qualifications, skills and abilities. We develop cutting-edge interview and presentation skills based upon simple but commonly misunderstood concepts and principles, and lead you through the development of a specifically targeted search plan.

Search Management

We coach you through the search, help evaluate offers, and provide coaching and assistance in negotiating the best possible compensation package.

Success Management

We help you continue success. When the pain of the job search is replaced by the pleasure of a new job, most people relax, forget everything they’ve learned about the search because it was so distasteful, and enjoy their new “home.” But if that happens, in 18 months to three years you’ll be out on the street again, wondering what hit you! We help you do the things and develop the habits that will cause your next job to come to you. Why is this important? Because change is upon us, and if you don’t manage it, it will most certainly manage you!


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