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Your advice and prodding are invaluable. Thank you for living up to your part of the bargain and giving me real tools that produce real results. Bud, you have earned not just another satisfied customer, but a “raving fan!”


I’ve always said that successful people tend to find each other. A major part of that success is working with you in managing my career. Thanks for sharing your focus, drive, understanding, and wisdom.


“Your methodical approach combined with your genuine care endowed me with the confidence I needed to see that employers would know that I have much to offer.” 


Working with you was an exceptional experience and I can’t thank you enough. Because of you I have learned how to write and present a “state of the art” resume.


Your advice was invaluable and your candor refreshing.


Having you as a resource and mentor has given my job search so much direction and meaning.


Indeed, throughout my search I felt that your support and confidence helped to relieve much of the anxiety and stress I have felt when changing jobs in the past. This time each step was deliberate as part of a planned process and not just an urgent, one-time event.


Your insights and homework definitely made me the most prepared candidate for any of the positions for which I interviewed.


Knowledge Base

I have yet to find any information or presenter who has a system or approach that is even a close second. You remain the ultimate authority for career transitions.

  • Gary B., Henrico County, VA


I came to you . . . because I was searching not only for a job but also for some clear direction. Then when I met with you and sat through your rigorous training for 7 sessions I knew I had spent my money wisely.

  • Norman R., Rockville, VA

I absolutely love my new job . . . Funny how things fall into place when you are doing what you love to do.

  • Michele T., Mechanicsville, VA

For the first time, I was able to clearly communicate what I wanted, and what I could accomplish given the right position. My job changed drastically. I was suddenly doing something that was a perfect fit, was making more money, and didn’t even have to change employers!

  • Linda B., Mechanicsville, VA

For me, the guidance was much more meaningful than the answers would have been. The guidance allowed me to learn things that I can now apply to areas other than the job hunt.

  • Levi L., Richmond, VA


I know that the achievement-oriented resume that resulted . . . enabled me to present myself as an action-based decision maker and problem solver . . .

  • Anne B., Henrico County, VA


I considered myself very good at interviewing, but there is no doubt in my mind that you helped me hone these skills to a razor-sharp edge.

  • Drew B., Midlothian, VA

I almost felt like I had an unfair advantage over both the interviewer . . . and the other candidates, because I was prepared to answer just about any question with a home run answer or question of my own.

  • Jeff R., Waynesboro, VA


You also encouraged me to more actively and aggressively undertake the daunting task of networking with an organized approach and step-by-step follow-up. Thanks to you I’m now a believer in the power of networking!

  • Anne B., Henrico County, VA

. . . learning to network and working my contacts is the approach that led to my current employment. Many of those contacts became friends . . . I’ve permanently expanded my horizon.

  • Nancy R., Midlothian, VA


My overall compensation package increased more than 53%. I could not have achieved this without your support.

  • Tom A., Henrico County, VA

Confidence/Self Esteem

The skills you taught me gave me the confidence to reach out and seek a career that I had previously only dreamed of obtaining.

  • – Gary B., Henrico County, VA

It was a time of tremendous growth for me. Finding that at age 64 I still had a lot to give to an employer was empowering.

  • Vince T., Richmond, VA

Your demeanor, knowledge, and program content all contributed to a confidence in my belief that I could improve my position. I will always be appreciative of your assistance.

  • Dennis L., Williamsburg, VA

One-on-one coaching

Thank you so much for the personalized coaching and support you provided in my recent job change.

  • Nancy R., Midlothian, VA

As we began working . . . your insights analysis, and logical solutions to the issues were clear, precise and definitely appropriate.

  • Lee A., Midlothian, VA

Your capacity to articulate, knowing when to offer options, firm suggestions or absolute directives produces the competitive edge for your clients.

  • Allan L., Martinsville, VA

Career Management

. . . your aid in developing a strategy and the materials to present myself in the most favorable manner were critical to my successful search. I also like the fact that our contact will continue as I proceed in my new position.

  • Robert A., Richmond, VA

This is the best investment I have made in myself since college.

  • Claudia W., Richmond, VA

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